For those seeking an exotic lodging experience we offer our Yukon yurt. In modern Turkish the word "yurt" is used as the synonym of "homeland" or a "dormitory.” Set on a raised deck with pine floors, the yurt is incredibly spacious. With a front facing West one can enjoy the generous deck watching as the sun sets over Tonto mountain. Out back, the East facing deck offers a similarly beautiful view for morning tea, coffee (or Bloody Marys) to be enjoyed as the sun rises over Granite mountain.

The Yukon offers all the comforts you require. The couch and coffee table are arranged in front of the wood burning fireplace. There is a desk for those moments of inspiration, chairs for communal pleasantries, and a plush queen bed covered in cotton sheets and cozy blankets. A mosquito net is also setup to surround the bed to ensure a comfortable nights’ sleep. The yurt has a small kitchen with a refrigerator, coffee maker, hot plates, and a microwave. There is just enough glassware, dishes and utensils for various libations. Electricity offers romantic lighting and there are outlets throughout as well as plenty of screened windows. The best part? The giant clear dome on top that can be opened for ventilation and sky gazing.

* Shower and restroom facilities are just a short stroll away.

Safari Tents

For those who love the outdoors, and seek an authentic camping experience but cant sacrifice the comforts or luxuries of home (or who have a spouse or significant other who can’t), Juniper Well Ranch offers lodging in our safari tents.In staying true to the romantic ambience of the days of Hemingway, Roosevelt and Blixen, the safari tents are a truly authentic way to immerse yourself into Skull Valley. By providing direct access to the beautiful Valley and its wildlife, you will enjoy the great outdoors without compromising comfort. Just relax and breath in the fresh air as you listen to natures soundtrack.

Each tent measures 16×28 feet with spacious verandas, and are build on raised wooden decks. The tents have screened windows, and zip down flaps that allow for the breeze to pass through. Cotton sheets and Beautiful blankets cover large comfortable beds. The tents
are decorated, and furnished in an eclectic blend of styles. The decor includes, tables, chairs, ottomans, nightstands, glass wear, and tableware, as well as all the essentials for cooking camping style meals. The tents are heated by wood burning fireplaces, and romantically lit by authentic oil burning lamps, and candles.

Outside on the verandas with the built in bars, stools, lounge chairs, and daybeds, you will find the perfect place for a nice book, an afternoon nap, as well as the perfect vantage point for sunrises, sunsets, and sundowners.

Modern, clean bathroom and shower facilities are conveniently located about 100 feet down a walking path from the safari tents. There are also BBQ grills and fire pits for fireside gatherings, grilling and toasting marshmallows


The word tipi comes into English from the Lakota language. The Lakota word thípi [ˈtʰipi] means "a dwelling" or "they dwell", from the verb thí, meaning "to dwell.”

While our tipis are not made of animal hide as the traditional tipis were, they are designed to be cozy and insulated using durable canvas and strategic roping. A stay in the tips is ideal for those looking for simplicity in a tranquil, thoughtful environment. If meditation is in your practice, the tipis are an excellent way to be entrenched within nature without the beautiful distractions wilderness can cause. The tipis sit on wooden platforms to elevate you slight off the earth where you’re free from the elements. There is space for multiple cots and a bed can be placed within the structure upon request. 

*Communal facilities are nearby